How Can You Engage Your Employees With Team Building Activities?

If you want your employees to become more engaged at work, it may be beneficial for them to participate in some team-building activity. There are numerous ways that you can implement such programs into your workplace. Below we will discuss two approaches: 1) using traditional methods; 2) utilizing modern technologies.

Traditional Methods

Team building activities can be conducted through various means. Some common ones include:

• Games – These types of activities allow teams to bond together while having fun. Examples include “Twenty questions” or “Truth or dare.”

• Role playing – Teams often use role-playing when trying to understand what motivates others on their team. They also learn how to communicate effectively during stressful situations.

• Group discussions – This is probably the most effective way to get people talking to one another. It allows individuals to share ideas without feeling judged by their peers.

Modern Technologies

As mentioned earlier, new technologies make it easier than ever before to engage your entire workforce in team-building activities. The following list includes just a few of the best options available today:

• Online forums – Many websites offer online discussion boards where groups of coworkers can post messages related to topics they care about. Such sites provide an excellent opportunity for companies to connect with their workers remotely.

• Social media platforms – Companies have begun leveraging social networking tools to encourage interaction between their employees. Facebook provides a platform where businesses can set up pages that allow users to comment on posts made by the page owner. Twitter offers similar functionality but only allows 140 characters per message. LinkedIn is yet another option for connecting with colleagues.

• Virtual reality games – VR headsets like Google Cardboard allow anyone to experience virtual worlds from any location. While this might seem strange at first, many organizations are now offering VR experiences so that their employees can interact with customers virtually.

The Bottom Line

There are countless ways to conduct team-building exercises. Whether you choose to utilize old-fashioned techniques or newer technology depends mainly upon your company culture.