Classic Japanese Snacks

People may know some common Japanese dishes such as sushi but in Japan, they love to snack ( This is some common information about snacks and the popular snacks that can be found in Japan.

History of the Snack

In Japan snacking become popular in the 15th century. At this time the food was designed to be small and portable with a longer shelf life. This way it could be consumed during the battles. In 1860 the snack market in Japan took a sweet turn and sugar was used in these snacks. The more time that people spent working in the factories the more popular the snacks became. The snack industry became competitive and new items were being offered. These are some popular snacks that were able to stand up to the test of time in the Japanese snack market.


This snack is a Japanese rice cracker. It comes in many different flavors, shapes, and sizes. It can be cooked on a grill and it is the best when it comes right off of that grill.


This is a very popular snack in Japan. There are many different forms of crepes and they are very common. They can look like the French crepe on the outside but there are different types of fillings. There can be some sweet options such as ice cream and whipped toppings or they can be savory.


This snack is a chocolate cover biscuit. It has been popular since 1966 and each biscuit is in the shape of a thin stick. The chocolate is at the end and it will not get on the hands ( Many different flavors have come and gone over the years but chocolate is still classic and the most popular.


This snack is similar to a pancake sandwich. There is Anko or a similar product such as whipped cream sandwiched between the two pancakes. It is tasty and can be taken on the go.

Melon Pan

There is not a melon in this snack even with the word melon in the name. This snack is a piece of bread shaped like a melon. It is thin and has a sweet taste like a cookie.


This is a steamed bun that is a popular snack. The outside of the manju has a texture that is similar to bread. The inside of this bun has a sweet filling. It can be sticky and a person will also hold it using a piece of waxed paper. there are hundreds of sweet fillings that can be used inside.


This snack is a dumpling made of rice. It is covered with a sweet topping that is often hardened on. The dango is served on a stick.


This is a series of sticks that have a taste and a texture like a pretzel. They have been around since 1962 and are still popular in Japan.

These are some of the classic snacks that can be found in Japan. These snacks have been loved for many years and they are still popular today.